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Welcome to Our Stupendously Magnificent Newsletter!

Glad to have you aboard!


An email with your copy of A Tourist’s Guide to OverLondon is now on its way to your inbox!


If it doesn’t arrive, please check your spam/promotions/junk folders and whitelist us


In the coming days we'll also be sending you another two emails to check in, introduce ourselves properly, and tell you how our OverLondon series came about. There might be an extra little something for you too…


After that you'll receive a copy of our newsletter (The Cry), once a month. It'll include news about whatever is going on in our lives,  OverLondon lore, weird history facts and whatever geeky thing Tony can dredge up from the glorious depths of nerdvana. 


If we have a new book out, we’ll let you know about that too with the odd additional email – because BOOKS! We are already hard at work writing the next one. 


Feel free to say hi either by email or social media, we’re actual human beings (allegedly) who like to procrastinate as much as the next cove.

Thanks again, and hope you enjoy our daft world.


George Penney  



Tony Johnson  

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