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Want A Free Book? Of Course You Do! 

All subscribers to our magnificent newsletter, The OverLondon Cry, will recieve their very own Tourist's Guide to OverLondon. Armchair travel has never been so daring! 

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Why Not Say Hello?!

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We love a good chat and always welcome people contacting us via email or social media. If you want to just say hello, to tell us about a fun historical fact, your latest favourite book (be it any genre from sci fi or fantasy, to crime, to literature, to manga) or even to share a picture of your pets (to help us with research of course) please don't hesitate!

To contact either George or Tony, just email:

Or you can always find us lurking around social media looking up random physics or historical facts, cat pictures, drag queen make-up tutorials, anime memes and silly dances. It's all for research. Honest!

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