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The image is of Tony Johnson looking at the camera quizzically, kind of like a mighty warrior of words would look at punctuation who talked back to him. He's got olive skin, curly dark brown hair and is wearing a black t-shirt featuring a green love heart and jeans.

Tony Johnson 

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  • Class: Swashbuckler

  • Alignment: Thwarted Chaotic Stubborn

  • Ancestry: Feline Diva

  • Fuel of Choice: Coffee+1 (+3 vs aberrations)

  • Favourite Authors of All Time: Ian. M. Banks, Terry Pratchett, Isaac Asimov, Alistair Reynolds, Adrian Tchaikovsky (And many more!)

Tony Johnson considers writing to be the third most fun thing you can do sitting down, and has co-written multiple best-selling comedic novels with his writing partner, George Penney.

He loves astrophysics, particle physics, science fiction and fantasy, techno-utopianism, excessive complexity and 99.9% of cats. One day he will mash together enough tabletop role-playing games for them to achieve sentience.

In a past life he worked as an engineer, hammering a creative shaped brain into an analytic shaped career. During this time, he got to play with most kinds of radiation, chaotic simulation, the dark arts of metallurgy, neural networks, competitive bacteria and nearly exploded once or twice. He can’t fix anything smaller than a house that doesn’t operate at steel bursting pressures and tries to fit a normal distribution to everything. One day he would like to train an AI to replace CEOs.

Tony has lived all over the planet and enjoys being a stranger in a strange land, as opposed to being a deeply weird suburbanite.

Tony is not a morning person. In fact, his brain does not operate before coffee and science facts. Tony welcomes all donations of cups of coffee in aid of lubricating the brain cogs! 

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