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OverLondon Website Background Medium Quality.jpg
You are witnessing the cover of OverLondon in all its orange glory! The words OverLondon are black against a burnt-organge background. Below that sits the sillouette of a surly looking black chicken wearing a crown.

On Sale Now in Ebook, Print and Audiobook

A Rollicking Comic-Fantasy Whodunnit with a Tudor Twist!

Priests from OverLondon's Church of Vengeful Acquisition are exploding. Is the cause divine retribution, ballistic undergarments or something more sinister? If only the city had a professional private investigator…

Luckily, notorious pirate—turned privateer—Captain Alex Reign, has just narrowly escaped the hang man’s noose to establish the Reign Agency in Drury Lane. She needs cash fast and will take any job, even if failure means facing an inconveniently messy end. But what's a little danger to a professional swashbuckler? 

Armed with nothing but her roguish wit, her reliably unreliable crew and a rogue artificer experiencing a mortal crisis, Alex is convinced they'll have this crime solved and the reward pocketed by teatime.

To solve their first case, all they must do is survive while navigating rampaging nuns, clockwork horrors, confectionary gangsters, piratical florists, malevolent urchins, military-grade statuary, weaponized blasphemy and sexual whales.

How hard can it possibly be?

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