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Today's Inspiration: Blott on the Landscape by Tom Sharpe

Today's Inspiration: If you haven't discovered Tom Sharpe yet and you're a Terry Pratchett fan, you're missing out on an author that I'm guessing influenced him massively. Tom Sharpe's books are scathing, satirical and take absolutely no prisoners. I've just listened to Blott on the Landscape on audiobook and read Porterhouse Blue yesterday. I'm taking a huge punt here, but I'd put money on Pratchett's wizards being directly inspired by the academics in Porterhouse Blue. If you've read it, I'd love to know what you think.

Blott on the Landscape is a really great example of Sharpe's work. Every single character in it is morally dubious... in fact they're just plain dodgy, but that's fine because you're not meant to like any of them, even as you're thoroughly entertained by what they get up to. If there was ever an author who gives you the perfect example of unlikeable characters being delicious to read (mainly because they always get their comeuppance!) Sharpe is it.

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