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Today's Comfort Watch: Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex

Today's comfort watching: I love Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. In fact, that's an understatement but I'm not sure there's a word that encapsulates how much I enjoy this series.

While the Ghost in the Shell movies (anime- not the Hollywood movie which we shall never talk of) are okay, it really came into its own with this series. The core plot of the series for anyone who hasn't seen it relies heavily on a J.D Salinger reference in the form of a hacker known as "The Laughing Man" and the show's exploration of self and subjectivity is right out of a cultural theory 101 class with some extra Foucault and Butler thrown in. I've used this series over the years to help explain the idea of the cyborg as self and basic postmodernism to students, but in general I just watch it for fun. I'm 100 team Major Motoko who is queer, cyborg and no-pants all the way.

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