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Today's Brain Food: The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

Today's Brain Food: I love Jon Ronson's work. His books always go in a direction that I least expect and this one, despite the subject matter seeming predictable, was no different.

I first heard about The Psychopath Test when Ronson was interviewed by Marc Maron on an episode of WTF years ago, but didn't get around to picking it up until recently. I got the audiobook, which was excellent because it's narrated by Ronson himself, so you can hear the incredulity, laughter and sometimes horror in his voice as he falls down the rabbit hole of what psychopathy is and how it's measured... or not measured in the case of the DSM.

This was thoroughly entertaining and super educational and it was really hard to not go on a bender of armchair diagnosing some of the more difficult people I'd met over the years afterwards. (I totally did and every single phys ed teacher I had in high school? Total sociopaths the lot of them!)

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