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A Rollicking Comic-Fantasy Whodunnit with a Tudor Twist!

Available Now in Ebook Print and Audiobook

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“A delightful romp, chock-full of wonderfully bonkers ideas.”

C.K. (Caimh) McDonnell, best-selling author of the Stranger Times and Bunny McGarry series.

"If Spike Milligan and Terry Pratchett had ever got round to a collaboration it might read like OverLondon.”

Heide Goody, best-selling author of the Sam Applewhite and Oddjobs series. 

“The most fun you can have in the safety of a book. A rollicking good read!”

Kaaron Warren, multi-award winning science fiction and horror author.

Want A Free Book? Of Course You Do! 

All subscribers to our magnificent newsletter, The OverLondon Cry, will recieve their very own Tourist's Guide to OverLondon. Armchair travel has never been so daring! 

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OverLondon Website Background Medium Quality.jpg
You are witnessing the most epic author picture ever. In the style of seventies fantasy book covers, George Penney is standing, looking right at camera. She is wearing a red shirt, jeans and red boots. Tony Johnson is sat at her feet, clutching her leg and looking off camera. He's wearing a black T-shirt with a green love heart on it, jeans and blue shoes. The awesomeness is palpable.

Why, Hello There...

We're so happy you found our little corner of the multiverse. We are George Penney and Tony Johnson, two best-selling authors and career geeks who've spent the past twenty-something years making each other snort-laugh. As you can see, we take this writing business very seriously. 

If we were Terry Pratchett characters, George would be an unholy mashup of Nanny Ogg and Adora Belle Dearheart and Tony has a definite King Verence-meets-Moist Von Lipwig vibe. Our writing process could be best described as gladiatorial, with soft furnishings being liberally used as punctuation.

If you love random history facts, alternative physics, swashbuckling pirates and rollicking whodunnits, then this is the place for you. To learn more about us and how we came to be writing a series of comic fantasy whodunnits, why not click on the button. Go on, you know you want to...

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