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The OverLondon Project


The WebSerial

The OverLondon Project is set in both 1906 and the present via means of trans-dimensional communication involving pigeons, dolphins, and psychic badger grunts. Two eminent, but somewhat disgraced, men of science/unnatural-philosophers Professor George Penney and Tony Johnson Esquire have been commissioned to design the world featured in the novel OverLondon by two 21st Century writers, who just happen to have the same names. (It’s purely co-incidental, we promise.)


The OverLondon Web Serial isn’t the novel itself. Instead, it’s a record of the making of the OverLondon universe by fictional people, commissioned by real people, in all its sepia toned steam-punky glory.  

Click here to see all of the WebSerial in one place.

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Slasher Harry.jpg

Slasher Harry’s Piratical Botanicals:


Slasher Harry is a retired pirate-turned florist who lives in OverLondon with his homicidal hairless dog Daphne. Due to some strange manifestational events, artifacts from the OverLondon universe are now being uncovered in the present day. As a result, we have compiled Slasher Harry’s catalogue of flowers and botanicals, available for sale on the streets of OverLondon. Get yourself some flowers before his rips off your head and Daphne widdles on your boots!

Click here to see all of Slasher Harry's Piratical Botanicals in one place.

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Cats of OverLondon:


As everyone knows, cats have the ability to transcend both time and space through purr resonation (how else do they get out of Schroedinger’s box?), or at least that’s what Tony Johnson Esquire of 1906 believes. And who are we to disagree with a fictional world-building genius. Even more importantly, who are we to argue with his mutant giant cat, Tiddles?


Much like Slasher Harry’s Botanicals, Wanted posters for the cats of OverLondon began turning up all over the place and we’ve done our best to compile them. We do not know exactly why cats are Wanted so much in the city but we do know that they are fuzzy wuzzy and that Tiddles may eat us if we don’t publish our discoveries.

Click here to see all Cats of OverLondon in the one place.

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George's Inspiration  


It would be somewhat difficult to create a post-Tudor comic fantasy world without doing some research. George Penney, (one of the authors from the future, who just happens to have the same name as Professor George Penney from The OverLondon Project Serial) is an omnivore of all things books and film and this is where she shares some of these sources and artefacts. 


Reports are filed on a random statistical basis and feature the inspiration behind OverLondon.


Consume content at your own peril. Beware the risk of brain embiggenment and cultural engorgement of the thinkie-parts.

Click here to see all of George's Inspiration in the one place.

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My Favourite Monster


What does a podcast about considering monsters to be an author duo's pet have to do with creating a post-Tudor comic fantasy world? It turns out quite a lot! For one thing, it keeps said authors from throwing soft furnishing at each other, for another it makes us laugh. And finally, it gives us a way to think about all the creatures that inspire us in new and interesting ways! Listen at your own peril. Most monsters under consideration are more than likely fatal, but we don't care, they will all be vetted for snuggleable potential!

Click here for all episodes of My Favourite Monster In One Place


Click here to visit visit the website and follow the link to your podcast player of choice. 

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