About the Authors

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Tony Johnson

Tony considers writing to be the third most fun thing you can do sitting down, and has co-written multiple best-selling comedic novels with his writing partner, George Penney.


Before taking up writing full-time, he worked for two decades in the oil industry, hammering a creative shaped brain into an analytic shaped career. During this time he got to play with most kinds of radiation, chaotic simulation, intelligent wells, neural networks, competitive bacteria and weak AI. He can’t fix anything smaller than a house that doesn’t operate at steel bursting pressures and tries to fit a normal distribution to everything. His proudest moment was working out that a billion-dollar facility was plugged in backwards. One day he would like to train an AI to replace CEOs.


Tony has lived all over the planet, from deserts to rain forests, and enjoys being a stranger in a strange land, as opposed to being a deeply weird suburbanite. He once sold everything he owned and travelled the world living in a new country every three weeks until a pandemic said ‘no’.


He loves astrophysics, particle physics, durians, techno-utopianism, excessive complexity and 99.9% of cats. One day he will mash together enough editions of D&D for it to achieve sentience.

Tony can be contacted at overlondonproject@gmail.com

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George Penney


George Penny is a best-selling author who has been writing for over a decade. She is a driven workaholic, is a scarily well-read voracious speed-reader, an amateur polymath and researches for fun.


George has lived an eccentric life spanning over fifty locations, from the vast empty Australian Outback, to the Scottish Highlands, to the deserts of the Middle East, to some of the world’s largest megacities.


She has been chased by a rock wielding mob, was nearly rammed off the road in a high-speed chase, dodged a spitting cobra, has been bitten by deadly spiders and has stepped on a stonefish. She once rescued a kitten from a troupe of monkeys, uncovered a human trafficking ring and saved a class of Bach Flower Essence students from abusive trees.


She has studied fine art, sociology, gender theory, cultural theory and psychotherapy. She may one day finish her PHD on energy politics.


She loves British comedy, will mainline olive bread, will fight to her death for a morning cup of tea, would cuddle an entire zoo if she could (even the snakes), loves staying up late debating philosophy, enjoys world cinema, absurd anime and new music every day. She considers both Ripley and the Alien Queen to be strong female role models.


She is utterly obsessed with sharks and would like to be eaten on her hundredth birthday by a low-flying great white.

George can be contacted through all social media listed on this site or via overlondonproject@gmail.com